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A pilot project called “BT (business tax) to VAT (value added tax) Reform”, which took its first steps in the transportation industry and part of the modern services industry, has begun in Shanghai.Read more

The Shanghai Jiqiang Automobile Parts Co, a car parts manufacturer in the town of Anting, near Shanghai’s Jiading district, had an output worth 5.24 billion yuan last year.Read more

Shanghai Yaoji Poker’s Chaozhou Business Headquarters Economic Park project has recently been given its approval from the expert assessment meeting.Read more

The market in Jiading district has been booming due to a sharp rise in the businesses of shops, restaurants, and passenger transportation during the Spring Festival in the Year of Horse.Read more

The Shanghai Kaiquan Pump Group, in the Jiading district of Shanghai, stood out recently from thousands of manufacturers and research institutes, at the 7th Chinese IUR Cooperative Innovation Meeting, and walked away with the Chinese IUR Cooperative Innovation award for 2013.Read more

A group of delegates from China’s State Administration of Work Safety visited the Jiading district of Shanghai, on Jan 18, to learn about its production safety.Read more

This year, the Jiading district of Shanghai will copy the policies of the city’s Free Trade Zone by focusing on developing e-commerce, the finance business, imports, and service outsourcing.Read more

The district of Jiading, in Shanghai, held a conference, on Jan 20, to highlight property projects of recent years that had outstanding designs or technology.Read more



Jiading Fahua Pagoda

Jiading Fahua Pagoda

The Fahua Pagoda, 40.8 meters tall, is a square, brick-wood structure with seven stories, accessible by ladders.