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Nationality Re-examination

( )2015-01-14

I. Qualifications:

1. Person who has doubt about the nationality and needs to authenticate the nationality;

2. Person under the age of 18 who applies for permanent residence.

II. Formalities:

1. Adult

a. The original of valid foreign passport;

b. The original of the Certificate of Naturalization (translation attached);

c. The certificate of length of residence in the country of which the applicant holds the passport;

d. The original of the former Chinese passport;

e. The original of the certificate of nullification of the former registered permanent residence;

f. The applicant’s written explanation.

2. Child

a. The original of the Birth Certificate (through the authentication of China’s embassy or consulate);

b. The originals of the passports or identity certificates of the parents;

c. The original of the certificate of the domestic registered permanent residence of one or both of the parents;

d. The original of the Marriage Certificate of the parents (if issued by an overseas organ, it must have the authentication of China’s embassy or consulate);

e. The written explanation of the parents.

III. Business Hours and Place:

Monday-Saturday 9:00-17:00

Note: Credentials are handled alone on Saturday.

No 1500, Minsheng Road, Pudong New Area

IV. Time Limit of Handling and Winding up a Case:

Within 60 working days as of application documents being accepted

V. Fee Standard: Free

VI. Information Telephone: 28951900

VII. Supervision Telephone: 68547109



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