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Jiading pilots bonded maintenance for exported laser products

( ) 2019-12-31

A laser product designed by Hesai Technology [Photo/]

Red tape regulations for exported laser products to be returned to China for maintenance were recently cut in Jiading, thanks to the joint efforts of Jiading district's export processing zone and customs.

Hesai Technology, a global leader in 3D sensors, was the first company in Shanghai, and China, to benefit from the more convenient system.

A total of 15 repaired range finders were recently sent back to the United States via the Jiading Export Processing Zone, shortening the district's customs clearance time and setting a new model in institutional innovation and facilitation of foreign trade.

"It's much faster than I expected," said Hesai director Zheng Cheng.

He said that at least 10 working days were required for customs clearance for repairing exported laser products, and two to three months was common if all procedures were included. Customs also required security deposits for every clearance, with the highest reaching nearly 10 million yuan ($1.4 million), creating a burden for the company's cash flow.

"These problems have weakened Hesai's competitiveness in answering the urgent needs of our customers around the globe and have to some extent restricted the development of our overseas business," Zheng said.

The company saw a gain in yield in the second half of 2018, and this plus the rapid and regular need to update high-tech products combined to increase customer demand for product upgrading and maintenance.

Hesai's burdens were eased by the district's new method of dealing with bonded maintenance, which frees companies from red tape such as security deposits, customs clearance, document examination and approval, and shipment inspections. Overseas purchase of maintenance equipment can now also enjoy tax exemption.

"These preferential policies have helped us to improve our after-sales services, brand image and international competitiveness," Zheng said.

Yang Chenghu, an official at the bonded supervision department at Jiading Customs, shared a similar reaction to the changes.

"Shanghai Customs has in recent years witnessed a rise in the aggregated value of laser products declared for entry maintenance, with the United States a major applicant," Yang said. "Our bonded maintenance services can to some extent protect companies from trade frictions and add vitality to global business circles."

The changes have also brought advantages for Jiading.

"We will continue to make bonded maintenance available to more industries," said Yang Lifeng, the manager of Jiading Export Processing Zone. "What's more, Jiading will work harder to develop the current export processing zone into a comprehensive bonded zone and help local companies benefit from more innovative policies."



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