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Major economic and social development targets for 2020

( ) 2020-01-16

2020 is the year in which China will officially become moderately well-off and marks the end of its 13th Five-year Plan (2016-20). Jiading district in East China's Shanghai has rolled out several measures to achieve its major economic and social development targets for 2020. They are as follows:

1. Continue to implement the following three major tasks

Task 1 consists of the promotion of cross-regional cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta region, deepening of collaborative innovation between Jiading, Kunshan and Taicang, and an increase in high-quality development in Jiading and Wenzhou.

Task 2 consists of the cultivation of sci-tech companies. The district aims to help two companies go public on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board.

Task 3 consists of the continuation of the innovative acts launched in China's new free trade zones. Ten innovative customs measures will be rolled out to boost the Jiading Export Processing Zone and transform it into a comprehensive bonded zone.

2. Promote high-quality economic development

Jiading will take advantage of its burgeoning auto industry and aims to achieve an output of 1 trillion yuan ($145 billion). The district will strive to become an international auto industry hub, propel the mass production of Volkswagen's electric-only MEB platform, and accelerate the transformation of automobile and auto parts companies.

Jiading will put its hydrogen energy industrial plan into full operation by encouraging the development of intelligently-connected vehicles, supporting the pilot application of hydrogen fuel cells and 5G technology, and building a robust auto industry ecosystem.

It will accelerate the development of local integrated circuits and bio-pharmaceuticals and strive to help the output value of both industries reach 100 billion yuan.

3. Enhance scientific and technological innovation

Jiading will fully implement its three-year plan by developing 10 major projects, setting 30 targets in sci-tech innovation and speeding up the commercialization of research findings.

It will continue to optimize its innovative environment by cultivating innovative groups, striving to increase the number of high-tech companies to 1,600, and strengthening the district through the hiring of skilled workers.

4. Increase regional economic density

Jiading will further industrial planning and spatial layout, put existing industrial land and plants to good use, and continue to support the efficient reconstruction and expansion of high-quality projects.

It will deepen reforms on State-owned assets and companies, strengthen their business and investment roles, improve the investment of State capital, and advance the development of small economic entities.

5. Improve district infrastructure

Jiading will expedite construction on the northern part of Hongqiao area and Lingang-Jiading Science and Technology City, the reconstruction of Jiading old city, and the preservation of Huguo Temple. It will boost the transformation and upgrading of SAIC's headquarters industrial park in Anting.

It will optimize the public transportation network by completing the first phase of construction on the Shanghai-Nantong Railway, accelerating the second phase of Shanghai-Chengdu Highway, continuing to build dead-end roads, and improving bus stops and other supporting facilities along metro line 11.

6. Accelerate rural revitalization strategy

Jiading will develop a batch of demonstration villages by improving the rural living environment, rebuilding rural houses, and housing over 1,200 rural families.

It will enhance the district's role in protecting food safety, popularizing high-quality farming facilities, and encouraging the development of leisure agriculture and rural tourism.

7. Improve people's well-being

Jiading will speed up its educational modernization drive, become a district with quality and balanced development in compulsory education, open five new schools, and build child-care centers in every village and town in the district.

It will deepen reform of the medical and healthcare systems by piloting the development of a national health city, opening three new hospitals, integrating the medical resources of Jiading and Shanghai General Hospital, promoting the "family doctor" system, and reforming the payment system for medical insurance.

It will build more thoroughly integrate culture and tourism, improve the service system of public culture, and highlight the protection and development of major historical sites in Jiading.

It will strengthen services designed for senior citizens, standardize nursing institutions for the elderly, and enhance the functionality of day care centers.

It will improve the housing security system by accelerating the construction of low-rent housing, joint property rights, and economically affordable prices.

It will elevate social assistance levels and encourage everyone to help the disabled.

8. Continue to optimize the ecological environment

Jiading will put in place a strict environmental protection system, tighten inspection and reform, and improve the practices of electroplate companies.

It will strive to clean the air and water, tighten regulations on soil and groundwater, and optimize the ecological system by afforesting 870 hectares of ecological corridors, 87 hectares of wooded areas, and 15,000 square meters of vertical planting.

It will continue to promote garbage sorting and improve the recycling of wet garbage and construction waste.



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