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Jiading launches smart traffic system

( )2021-06-17

Intelligent vehicles run along the demonstration line. [Photo/]

Jiading New Town in Jiading district launched a demonstration line for an intelligent vehicle stream traffic system on June 16.

The 8.2-kilometer demonstration line is located on Huyi Highway, stretching from Yecheng Road to Chenxiang Road and passing 22 intersections. The service area of the demonstration line covers all spots in the core area of Jiading district, Yuanxiang Lake, and Nanxiang town.

It takes more than 20 minutes to make the entire journey when traffic is normal, but for IVS, it takes less than nine minutes at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, as it has the fastest average speed and the largest volume per unit time of any transportation system.

The IVS traffic system has a capacity equal to that of the rail transit system, but is more flexible and faster and supported by cutting-edge technologies like intelligent networks, big data, and artificial intelligence.

One IVS is formed according to the number of passengers and transfers them from the same starting station to the same terminals without stopping. The IVS integrates an optimized traffic road system, intelligent information system, intelligent passenger services, central control system, intelligent vehicle network system, operation safety guarantee system, and intelligent maintenance system to improve the efficiency of travel.



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