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Jiading adds 88 breakfast outlets, exceeding 2,000 in total

( )2021-07-27

Ego Convenience Store attracts customers with "online ordering" and "order delivery" services, as well as more than 130 Chinese and western-style meals. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]

Statistics showed that Jiading district in Shanghai added 88 breakfast outlets of various types from January to June 2021, exceeding the goal of adding 70 new breakfast outlets throughout the year.

To date, the district has a total of 2,073 retail outlets with breakfast service, including 359 convenience stores, 248 western food light meals, 1,382 various Chinese food stores, and 84 breakfast trucks.

Ego Convenience Store on Antuo Road is one of Jiading's new breakfast outlets this year. The store offers "online ordering" and "order delivery" services, as well as more than 130 Chinese and western-style meals, which have attracted white-collar workers in the nearby industrial parks to buy breakfast.

"I don't feel like eating anything greasy on a hot day. Instead, I like to have a bowl of mung bean soup," said a white-collar worker who came to the convenient store to buy breakfast in a hurry.

Currently, the convenience store has a total of four breakfast outlets in Jiading. It will open breakfast outlets in other industrial parks and old neighborhoods, according to a manager of the convenient store.

In addition, the coverage of traditional breakfast shops is also expanding to meet the dining needs of nearby residents. For instance, Laoshengchang Soup Dumplings has opened a new restaurant on Huancheng Road in Juyuan New Area.



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