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Ripe cherries hit shelves in Juyuan

( )2022-05-11

Cherries in Juyuan Orchard, Shanghai's Jiading district, are ripe and ready for the market.

The cherries are planted in modern green houses at a cherry research institution in Juyuan, which is the largest cherry plantation in Shanghai, to ensure the quality of the fruit.

The plantation is home to over 4,000 cherry trees that contain over 70 varieties of cherries with different colors including yellow, orangish yellow, red, and dark red.

These cherries of all types of varieties are entering the market one after another.


Early hongbaoshi (ruby) cherries weigh 5 to 6 grams and are nearly spherical. The name comes from the red ruby color of these cherries. They have a rich flavor and golden flesh that is tender and juicy. [Photo/]


Early daguo is kidney-shaped and weighs 8 grams. This cherry has a purple-red appearance and thick skin. Its texture is soft and juicy with a sweet and sour flavor. [Photo/]

The cherries are currently available for pick-up and delivery within Juyuan New Area via the WeChat mini program Juyuan Life (菊园生活馆).



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