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418 companies resume work in Jiading

( ) 2022-05-17


Jiading Hotel's chefs prepare dishes for takeout orders. [Photo/]

As of May 16, a total of 418 catering companies in Shanghai's Jiading district have resumed operations.

Jiading Hotel, a moderate and high-end catering company in the district, for example, offers a delicate one-person takeaway set with a variety of meals, including beef ribs, corn, broccoli, and salads.

According to Gu Jiazhou, vice-general manager of Jiading Hotel, the hotel is under closed-loop management and disinfects twice a day, with all employees residing in the hotel and taking nucleic acid and antigen tests every day as required.

Some franchise restaurants, such as Lao Chang Sheng Dumpling, have reopened and are now accepting takeout orders.

According to a manager at Lao Chang Sheng Dumpling, the dumpling restaurant disinfects five times a day and does frequent nucleic acid and antigen tests as needed.

The restaurant serves mostly frozen and semi-cooked items, including over 20 varieties of soup buns, handmade meat buns, braised pig meatballs, and braised pork ribs, in order to meet current anti-epidemic control and prevention requirements.


Customers buy frozen and semi-cooked products at a Lao Sheng Chang Dumpling restaurant in Jiading district. [Photo/]



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