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Jiading to launch cultural, tourism livestreaming event

( )2022-07-01

Shanghai’s Jiading district will launch a series of immersive cultural and tourism livestreaming events to the public on July 2 on the WeChat mini program lvmama2008, including four boutique Jiading tour routes.

The series of livestreaming events will combine renowned tourist attractions, special restaurants, and branded hotels and guesthouses to bring immersive visual and auditory experiences to the public online.

On July 2, the first livestreaming event will take place to introduce the public to the Malu Grape Theme Park and other iconic locations like Jiabei Country Park through online video.

On July 3, the second livestreaming event will transport viewers to EF Park to witness auto racing and speed as well as highlight the vehicles on display at the Shanghai Auto Museum.

On July 9, the third livestream will transport viewers to Shanghai Poly Grand Theater, a brand-new monument where they may experience the allure of art.

The Jiading Fahua Pagoda and the Confucius Temple will be among the scenic Jiading district locations on display during the fourth livestreaming event on July 10.

The event aims to boost Jiading’s consumption of cultural and tourism products, and help Jiading’s culture and tourism industry recover, as well as promote high-end development of the industry in the district.


Jiading's new landmark - Shanghai Poly Grand Theater, is located on the edge of Yuanxiang Lake. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]



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