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Jiading continues to boost consumption

( ) 2022-08-18

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A car boot sale takes place at the camping event at IMIX Park in Jiading district. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]

Shanghai's Jiading district continues to boost nighttime consumption, big purchases, and the first store economy since the "2022 Jiading shopping festival" was launched on July 29.

Various events have been held to boost nighttime consumption.

For example, a camping event held on Aug 13 in the large commercial complex at IMIX Park attracted many visitors with a car boot sale, tents, open-air cinemas, craft making activities, and a pet party.

The camping event has helped increase the customer flow for IMIX Park by more than 10 percent, said Shen Chunyong, a manager in charge of promoting the commercial complex.

Big purchases, such as vehicles, have also increased in Jiading district.

As of Aug 14, the district sold 2,862 vehicles, which is due to the festival and policies on subsidies for purchasing vehicles.

Jiading district has also showed an increase in the "first store" economy. For example, the Nanxiang Incity Mega has opened 15 new stores recently, including the first KOI milk tea store in Jiading.

A first store represents rareness and commercial vitality, which attracts a large amount of consumption, Shen said.

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A slew of customers wait to be seated at Jiading district's first Xin Bai Lu restaurant. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]



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