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Jiading's first Carrefour Club store opens

( ) 2022-09-06


Jiading district's first Carrefour Club store. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]

Jiading district's first Carrefour Club, which is located in The Mall in Nanxiang town, opened to the public recently, local media reported on Sept 4.

The Carrefour Club store has set up many scenario-based consumption experiences, such as putting up a tent to allow customers to experience a camping scenario and offering food samples to customers to taste in the fresh food zone.

The club store has over 4,000 different types of products, of which 30 percent are imported and 50 percent are well-known domestic brands, according to Wang Zhihou, the store manager.

Carrefour's primary target customer is families. In order to offer customers with good quality products in abundance at lower price, the club store contacts the manufacturers directly for all private brands, Wang added.

The club store also provides a space with more than 100 square meters for children to play while their parents shop. Every two hours, cleaning and disinfection are done in the zone, which is staffed to keep an eye on things.

In addition, the club store offers one-stop dining options, which primarily consist of Carrefour's own Western-style cuisine.

The club store also provides online shopping services in addition to offline shopping through its WeChat mini program. This service allows delivery of goods in less than an hour to locations within 5 kilometers.


Customers check out the camping gear at the Carrefour Club store in Jiading district. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]



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