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Jiading holds scientific technology fair in Yangtze River Delta

( ) 2022-11-16

To better promote exchanges and collaboration in scientific and technological innovation, the fifth Scientific Technology Fair for Yangtze River Delta Region kicked off on Nov 16 at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center in Shanghai's Jiading district.

Since the fair was first held in 2018, Jiading has attracted many cities to attend the event, which has helped the Yangtze River Delta region develop in a more innovative way. It has attracted 35 cities and more than 500 scientific research institutes, technology companies and service organizations to participate in the fair, and held nearly 150 professional forums, road shows and other activities, with the total amount of technology transactions exceeding 450 million yuan ($63.18 million).

This year's fair has 41 cities from the Yangtze River Delta region in attendance, and the fair's main focus is on the cultivation of new energy, new technology and new equipment. New cutting-edge products, including Atribus neurosurgery navigation system, are showcased at the fair.


An exhibitor displays a product at the fair. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]

The event serves not only as a two-day fair, but a chance for cities and companies to gain momentum for developing new products for next year. A number of products, including a micro nano chip nucleic acid amplification analyzer, which is widely used now, were showcased at past fairs.

With 11 national scientific research institutions located in the district, Jiading is home to more than 40 national and provincial research facilities and nine key national laboratories and national engineering research centers, engaging 53 academicians and more than 6,300 researchers. Thanks to such advantages, Jiading has led the way to further boost cooperation and facilitate coordinated development in the Yangtze River Delta region.



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