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Festive event opens on Zhouqiao old street in Jiading

( ) 2023-01-19

A cultural event is expected to be held on Zhouqiao old street, a 4A-level scenic spot in Jiading, on Chinese New Year's Eve, which falls on Jan 21 this year.

Currently, pumpkin-shaped lanterns and luminous signs light up the street, and crowds of visitors dressing in the hanfu, traditional Chinese attire, are strolling around the street.


Zhouqiao old street is filled with an eventful atmosphere. [Photo/WeChat account:sh-jiading]

On the street, there are a total of 258 old lanterns and a great number of festive window stickers and Chinese knots. According to Jing Lu, an employee of the event's organizer, a giant rabbit on a wall, in honor of the Year of the Rabbit, will be open to the public for visitors to take pictures in front of it.

At the same time, four places on the street will be reserved for visitors to make Chinese New Year wishes. According to Jing, there will be staff members to help visitors.


A designated spot on Zhouqiao old street invites visitors to impart their Chinese New Year wishes.  [Photo/WeChat account:sh-jiading]

Furthermore, an enamel exhibition will also open at the event, and more than 100 of enamel products are expected to be presented as well as hands-on enamel cup making experiences.


Enamel products are on display at a shop on Zhouqiao old street in Jiading. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]


A visitor experiences hands-on enamel cup making. [Photo/WeChat account:sh-jiading]



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