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Jiading strives to better serve employment sector

( ) 2023-02-01

A team with representatives from 15 Jiading enterprises flew to Yunnan province on Jan 30 to attend a talent-attracting event. Consisting of 13 job fairs, the event opened on Jan 31 and will last until Feb 2, and enables representatives to recruit employees from seven counties.


People wait in lines at a job fair in Yunnan province to interview with Jiading enterprises. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]

Recently, Jiading conducted a survey by questionnaire on key enterprises. According to the results, private manufacturing enterprises and enterprises in automobile industry currently have the largest demand for labor.

To further increase employment and provide talents for enterprises, recruitment experts from human resources companies have been invited to attend a discussion on Feb 5, which is expected to facilitate talent exchanges between Jiading and districts in provinces in Northwest China.

At the same time, an action plan was launched in Jiading to promote employment in the district. Presently, a total of 28 job fairs were held online and offline, attracting 3,360 peoples to interview for 762 job openings.

Furthermore, in hope of maintaining production stability among enterprises, Jiading plans to hold more activities throughout the district in the coming year, and urge institutions that provide employment services to help unemployed people find jobs.



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