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Jiading launches new medical institutions, renovates hospitals

( ) 2023-03-17

Shanghai's Jiading district plans to take a series of measures to improve medical services and construct a first-class public health system this year.

The district intends to open up two medical institutions, renovate several hospitals, speed up the construction of the public health system and launch the information platform for the monitoring, early warning and emergency response of infectious diseases based on multi-source data.

Jiading is deepening cooperation with Fudan University's School of Public Health, building public health disciplines and starting the second round of targeted trainings for professionals.

To boost the high-quality development of public hospitals, the district is building the Jiading Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine at a new site, renovating the Jiading Central Hospital and advancing the construction of the Jiading Public Health Complex. It also plans to construct the second phase of Jiading Nanxiang Hospital and open up the Xuxing and Fangtai health service centers.

Jiading is settting up specialized medical alliances such as pediatric medical alliances and traditional Chinese medicine medical alliances. The signing rate of family doctors of local residents is expected to achieve 40 percent. 

Major health indicators of life expectancy, infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate in Jiading have maintained the level of developed countries and regions for many years.



Guyi Garden

Located in Jiading district's Nanxiang town in Shanghai, Guyi Garden covers an area of 146 mu (9.7 hectares) and ranks the first among the five classical gardens in Shanghai.