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Jiading to hold flower festival

( ) 2023-03-17

The fifth Three Flowers Festival is scheduled to take place in Lijiang ecological park, which is located at Jiading industrial park in Shanghai, from March 18 to April 30.

At present, about 3.3 hectares of canola flowers in the park are blooming, and are expected to be in full bloom in a week, and about 23 hectares of peach blossoms and 10 hectares of pear blossoms are expected to bloom in late March.


Peach flowers are in full bloom in Jiading. [WeChat account: sh-jiading]

"In addition to the spring outings and showcasing flowers, we have also planned a patch of new activities for tourists this year," said Shen Yanyan, head of the park.

The Piglet Race is one of the highlights among the activities. The competitors are four one-and-a-half year old Meishan piglets from Jiading district and visitors can cheer for them as they run in the haystack.


The Piglet Race is in progress. [Photo/WeChat account:sh-jiading]

The popular cormorant fishing performance is scheduled to take place again this year, with eight cormorants showing off their fishing skills in the fishing area.

Zhuqiao Old Street will also be open to the public during the festival. The 200-meter-long street is home to a traditional production process exhibition area, a sales area and a folk culture exhibition center.


Cormorants show off their fishing skills in the fishing area. [Photo/WeChat account:sh-jiading]

It plans to arrange experience programs related to handcrafted agricultural products such as rice cakes, steamed cakes and glutinous rice dumplings filled with meat.

On top of that, tourists can enjoy the local food that includes steamed buns filled with Meishan pork and Caotou pancakes, which are made of toothed bur clover.


Pear blossoms are in full bloom. [Photo/WeChat account:sh-jiading]



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