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Lotus flowers bloom across scenic areas in Jiading

( ) 2023-06-14


Lotus flowers at the Chenjiashan Lotus Park in Jiading district. [Photo/]

As the temperature continues to rise, lotuses and water lilies in parks and scenic areas in Shanghai's Jiading district have been blooming and attracting shutterbugs.

At the Chenjiashan Lotus Park in Juyuan New District in Jiading, nearly half of the water lilies and lotus flowers have bloomed. The green, pink, red, white and yellow lotus flowers can be found in the lotus pond and surrounded by green lotus leaves that are as tall as humans.

"There are many varieties of lotus flowers here, and the flowering period is particularly early, and the light today is particularly good, which makes it very suitable for taking videos," said a videographer surnamed Ma, who visited the park on June 12.

Ma was joined by a horde of photography enthusiasts that day.

In the lotus pond which spans more than 800 square meters, more than 10 kinds of fine lotus flowers can be found. These flowers expected to reach full bloom in half a month, and the flowering period normally lasts until October.

Admission to the park, which opens at 6 am and closes at 9 pm, is free.


A lotus flower at the Chenjiashan Lotus Park. [Photo/]


Photographers at Chenjiashan Lotus Park. [Photo/]



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