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Beer culture festival adds fun to Jiading's nightlife

( ) 2023-07-07


A magic show is staged during the Beer Culture Festival in Jiading district, Shanghai. [Photo/]

The Beer Culture Festival held at the Liucheng Xintiandi, a commercial complex in Shanghai's Jiading district, is bringing the wonderful experience of summer night carnival to residents. It will run throughout July.

The festival features craft beer of 56 types that can meet different needs, diverse exceptional food, exquisite and unique cultural and creative goods, and vibrant music performances. It is held from 5 pm to 11 pm from June 30 to July 30.

"The craft beer has no bitter or sour feeling of ordinary craft brews. The sea salt and fruit flavors are sweet and good, and I can feel different layers and details," said Zuo You, a craft beer lover who came with his friends to enjoy the feast.

"During the event, singers, jazz bands, and electronic DJs will perform every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We hope people can enjoy night shopping, night food, night tour, night entertainment, and night show here," said Zhang Sihui, head of operations of Liucheng Xintiandi, "We plan to hold annual events like this every summer."


Craft beer of various flavors is available for the festivalgoers. [Photo/]


Music performance is featured at the festival. [Photo/]



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