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Enjoy a colorful summer journey in Jiading

( ) 2023-07-31

The Jiading district in Shanghai offers many places that not only provide enjoyable experiences but also boast vibrant colors that are perfect for capturing photos.

Xiangyue Theme Park


The amusement area in the Xiangyue Theme Park. [Photo/]

The Xiangyue Theme Park in Huating town, Jiading district, Shanghai, offers a 5,600 square-meter non-motorized amusement area where children can enjoy climbing, slides, swings, zip lines, and sand pits while getting closer to nature. The vibrant and stylish park is also perfect for photos!

Address: 518 Shuangzhu Road, Jiading district, Shanghai

Jinsha Park


The children's playground in Jinsha Park. [Photo/]

The children's playground in Jinsha Park features various amusement facilities, including spring chairs, slides, and tunnels. It is a favorite spot for parents to take their children and a popular location for adults to capture photos. Adjacent to the playground, shady trees offer a calm and relaxing resting place.

Address: No 69 Fengzhuang Road, Jiading district, Shanghai

Shanghai Nanxiang Incity Mega


The Starry Sky Runway offers impressive sights in the early morning or dusk. [Photo/]

The Starry Sky Runway, located in Shanghai Nanxiang Incity Mega, provides a breathtaking panoramic view on the top floor. Regardless of whether you're strolling or jogging, it's a perfect spot to make your summer unforgettable.

Address: 2299 Chenxiang Road, Jiading district, Shanghai



10th Shanghai Lotus and Water Lily Exhibition spotlights Guyi Garden

Guyi Garden in Shanghai's Jiading district, the main venue for the 10th Shanghai and Water Lily Exhibition, is enchanting visitors with a stunning display of over 500 species of lotus flowers and 250 varieties of tropical and cold-resistant water lilies that are now in full bloom.