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Yuanxiang Lake offers children fun experiences

( ) 2023-07-31


In the northeast corner of Yuanxiang Lake lies a children's playground. [Photo/]

The Children's Paradise play area, located in the northeast corner of Yuanxiang Lake in Shanghai's Jiading district, recently saw a spike in visitors.

This area features blue rubber flooring, interactive fountains, pathways, slides, swings, and other entertainment facilities interspersed throughout.

Children chase each other in this area, playing to their heart's content, while parents either supervise or join in on the fun.

Address: Yuanxiang Lake (Intersection of Shanghai-Yixing Highway and Baiyin Road)


Children play among the interactive fountains in the Children's Paradise play area by Yuanxiang Lake in Jiading district, Shanghai. [Photo/]


Children enjoy the entertainment facilities in the Children's Paradise play area. [Photo/]



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