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19th Jiading Chrysanthemum Exhibition to open

( ) 2023-10-31


Jiading Huilongtan Park is decorated for the 19th Jiading Chrysanthemum Exhibition. [Photo/]

The 19th Chrysanthemum Exhibition of Shanghai's Jiading district will take place in Jiading Huilongtan Park from Nov 1 to 25.

The exhibition aims to showcase gardening and landscaping skills while celebrating the traditional chrysanthemum culture of Jiading.

A wide array of cultural activities will be held during the event, such as a photography competition, a concert featuring western and Chinese folk music, an experiential calligraphy event, and a chrysanthemum lantern making activity.

Themed on the concept of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, the exhibition provides an immersive experience in a natural environment. It features various scenic spots that highlight the beauty and versatility of chrysanthemums.

One of the main attractions is the Chrysanthemum Art Green Sculpture, located at the South Square and creating a welcoming landscape. It also showcases bamboo sculptures engraved with chrysanthemum-related poems.

Another spot on the South and North Lawns embraces the artistic conception of mountains and waters by creating small slopes resembling mountains. The garden paths are adorned with chrysanthemums, and two pavilions, Zhumeng Pavilion and Yangguang Pavilion, provide a tranquil space to enjoy the flowers.

The exhibition also features "Waterfront Chrysanthemum Shadows". Visitors can marvel at the large hanging chrysanthemums and colorful small chrysanthemum balls, showcasing the skillful chrysanthemum cultivation of local farmers in Jiading.

There are also spots that create stunning visual displays by combining chrysanthemums, bamboo art, and scenic elements, providing a delightful and enchanting experience.



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