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​Slingshot competition in Shanghai's Jiading attracts over 200 enthusiasts

( ) 2023-11-16


A foreign participant in the slingshot competition in Shanghai's Jiading. [Photo/]

The 2023 Yangtze River Delta Slingshot Competition kicked off in Shanghai's Jiading district on Nov 12, attracting more than 200 slingshot enthusiasts.

The competition tested the participants' vision, composure, and endurance.

Gao Yi, a rare female participant from Jiading, impressed everyone by hitting three circular targets within two minutes. "Challenging oneself is a tough process to endure, but looking back now, I appreciate the growth and rewards this sport has bestowed upon me," Gao said.

In addition to the skilled slingshot masters, the event attracted foreign enthusiasts. " Chinese players are leading the way in international slingshot competitions and possess incredible abilities. This competition has gifted me valuable experiences," said a foreign participant.

The sport has made remarkable progress since the slingshot competition in Jiading in 2018. Jiading is set to host the Slingshot World Cup, scheduled for 2024.

A district sports bureau representative highlighted the importance of this event, saying, "This will be the first time for Shanghai to hold the Slingshot World Cup. It will serve as a window and platform to unleash the full potential of slingshot sports, bringing renewed vitality to this traditional sport."



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