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Time to view winter flowers in Guyi Garden

( ) 2024-01-15


The "Lihan" tea olive blooms have added a burst of color to the wintry landscape in Guyi Garden. [Photo/]

Winter has yet to end, but the scenes at Guyi Garden in Shanghai's Jiading district has been anything but dreary thanks to the colorful pink and yellow flowers hanging off the olive and wax plum trees and the Spring Festival decorations that were recently put up.

Accompanied by her mother, sixth-grade student Ying Wanzhi expressed her delight as they strolled along the flower-lined paths. "The leaves of the tea olive resemble tea, while the blossoms resemble plum flowers. Although their colors may not be as diverse as other varieties, they exude a unique elegance, which brings joy to the heart," said Ying.

Amidst the lively display of tea olive blossoms, the wax plum trees also present a captivating sight. Clusters of wax plum flowers glisten like translucent amber under the sunlight and have filled the area with a seductive fragrance.

According to Guyi Garden's landscape and greening engineer, Liu Amei, now is the best time to admire the tea olive trees. The wax plum's flowering period generally lasts from mid-January to mid-February, coinciding with the blooming of plum blossoms.


A visitor takes photos with blooming winter sweet. [Photo/]


As the upcoming Lunar New Year is the Year of the Dragon, some dragon-themed decorations have been put up at the garden. [Photo/]



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