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​Shanghai's Jiading Industrial Zone accelerates high-quality development

( ) 2024-01-26


Shanghai's Jiading Industrial Zone. [Photo/]

Shanghai's Jiading Industrial Zone achieved significant milestones in socioeconomic development in 2023.

The total industrial output of its companies with a minimum annual sales revenue of 20 million yuan (about $2.8 million) hit 124.3 billion yuan, and it introduced 45 new billion-yuan projects last year.

The zone's focus on attracting and nurturing investment led to 6,892 new companies and a 30 percent increase in foreign investment, launching a new chapter in high-quality development.

The biopharmaceutical industry, a key focus of the zone, attracted 22 new companies, fostering a robust ecosystem. Innovative enterprises like Enneagon Energy and Sanyou Medical flourished with the support of government initiatives. Additionally, strategic partnerships with companies like France's ENOGIA expanded the zone's reach in new energy technologies.

Project construction surged, with a record 13 projects launched. The efficient utilization of resources, such as repurposing a dormant automotive testing laboratory into a state-of-the-art facility, showcased the zone's commitment to sustainable development.

The Jiading Industrial Zone's deepening presence in industries like intelligent sensors, high-end medical equipment, and automotive chips has laid the groundwork for future industrial growth. Notable projects, such as the United-Imaging Medical High-end Medical Imaging Equipment Industrialization Fund, are expected to bolster the zone's leadership in cutting-edge industries.

This year, the Jiading Industrial Zone plans to focus on developing its distinguishing industries, namely automobiles, high-end medical equipment and integrated circuits, and promoting the construction of major related projects, such as the "United-Imaging Town" and the "Automotive Chip Valley".



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