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Juyuan Garden prepares Tulip Festival for holiday tourists

( ) 2024-04-03


The stunning floral display, featuring a rotating windmill at the center of the vibrant tulip ribbon, has drawn visitors who immerse themselves in the spring atmosphere, capturing memorable moments with their cameras. [Photo/]

Juyuan Garden in Shanghai's Jiading district recently welcomed numerous visitors for its second Tulip Festival, boasting a display of over 6,000 blooming tulips.

Xu Lan, deputy general manager of Juyuan Garden, highlighted that the ongoing peak blooming period of the tulips will continue until the upcoming Qingming Festival holiday.

Speaking of the festival, Xu mentioned that the second Tulip Festival encompasses a variety of activities, such as adorning one's hair with flowers, exploring a Train Market, and participating in a photography event. This diverse array of activities offers visitors a range of experiences while enjoying the beauty of the floral landscape.

Some families have traveled from the city center to experience nature's beauty amidst the large windmill and tulip sea. Visitors not only enjoyed the floral spectacle but also embraced the opportunity to participate in cultural activities, adding a touch of artistic flair to their stroll through the floral sea.

Adjacent to the tulip display, a bustling market consisting of 50 parent-child families added to the festive atmosphere, with children showcasing their wares, including succulent plants, handmade crafts, and second-hand books.


A visitor dressed in hanfu and adorning her hair with flowers poses for a photo with the vibrant scene of blooming tulips. [Photo/]



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