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Jiading Museum elevated to national first-class status

( ) 2024-05-22


The Jiading Museum. [Photo/]

On May 18, the Chinese Museum Association unveiled the latest list of national first-class museums, with 123 institutions receiving this prestigious designation nationwide. Notably, Shanghai welcomed five new additions, with Jiading Museum securing its position among the country's elite museums.

Established in Shanghai's Jiading district in 1959, Jiading Museum is a multifaceted institution encompassing collection, preservation, research, exhibition, and education. Initially recognized as a national second-class museum in 2009, it later earned the title of a patriotic education base in Shanghai in 2012.

Currently, the museum houses a rich collection of 5,465 cultural relics, each with its own unique story and significance. Among these are 18 first-class artifacts, rare and precious items that are of national importance, and 1,349 second and third-class items, totaling 15,196 pieces. Its diverse treasures span ancient calligraphy, bronze ware, ceramics, gold and silver pieces, coins, and various jade artifacts.

Through its six-core exhibitions, such as the "Jiading Historical Display", "Jiading Bamboo Carving Display", and "Shanghai Chinese Imperial Examination Display", Jiading Museum serves as a beacon of cultural preservation and appreciation, inviting visitors to delve into the depths of region's rich history and culture.

From 2021 to 2023, Jiading Museum welcomed 1.48 million visitors, hosting numerous exhibitions and educational activities. With a visitor satisfaction rate of 99.19 percent, the museum has consistently ranked high in the Shanghai Museum Social Influence Index, demonstrating its significant impact in the cultural sphere.

As Jiading Museum looks to the future, it is committed to cultural development and prosperity, and it plans to do so by enhancing its exhibition offerings, collection management, educational initiatives, research endeavors, external collaborations, and innovative cultural products.



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