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Qiuxia Garden: A timeless treasure in Shanghai

( ) 2024-07-04


Qiuxia Garden is the oldest among Shanghai's five classical gardens. [Photo/]

Located in Shanghai's Jiading district, Qiuxia Garden is the city's oldest classical garden, boasting over 500 years of history.

This park features 17 ancient trees, including a 250-year-old boxwood tree, and 13 varieties of bamboo, all of which come together to create a picturesque landscape. The views of the garden are especially charming in late autumn, when the maple leaves turn red.

Despite its modest size, the garden's historical and cultural depth is profound. Key attractions include the Qingjing Pond area, known for its lotus flowers and serene landscapes, and the Ningxia Pavilion, which offers breathtaking views of the garden.

Today, Qiuxia Garden integrates music, fine arts, and traditional opera into its tourism experience, further enriching its cultural appeal. Annual events like the Peony Festival and the Bonsai Art Exhibition draw numerous visitors each year, enhancing the park's unique charm.

Visitor Information:

Address: No 314 East Street, Jiading district, Shanghai

Opening Hours:

  - May 1 - Sept 30: 6:00 - 17:00

  - Oct 1 - April 30: 6:30 - 17:00


A view of Qiuxia Garden in autumn. [Photo/]


A bird's eye-view of Qiuxia Garden. [Photo/]



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