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Shanghai's 61 tourist sites including five of Jiading district will offer half-price tickets from Sept 12 to 18.Read more

A new country park will be launched in the northwest of Jiading district, Shanghai, informed a municipal official.Read more

Visitors can enjoy a fruit picking tour and taste delicious grapes and waxberries in Jiading district of Shanghai this summer.Read more

There are a group of elderly people you can come across to in various running activities in Shanghai. They are running enthusiasts from the Jiading Senior Citizen Running Team.Read more

A flea market is expected to run regularly to facilitate residents in Shengxin community of Jiading Industrial Zone to exchange their second-hand items.Read more

A new type of waste treatment machine that can environmentally decompose kitchen waste has recently been launched in canteens in Jiangqiao town, Jiading district.Read more

Forty-eight athletes with intellectual disabilities attended a carpet bowls game in Juyuan New Area in Jiading district on April 23.Read more

Nearly 10,000 senior citizens in Nanxiang, Jiading district will be offered free health check-up over the next two months.Read more



Jiading Fahua Pagoda

The Fahua Pagoda, 40.8 meters tall, is a square, brick-wood structure with seven stories, accessible by ladders.