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Some visitors seemed confused by the concrete walls on both sides of the lobby when they visited the new Shanghai Poly Grand Theater in Jiading during its recent opening.  Read more

A public toilet in Nanxiang's Fangjiawan area has been named one of the top 10 conveniences in Shanghai from over 2,000 in a recent review.  Read more

Jiading Huimin Supermarket Co has opened 193 outlets in the district so far, with the aim of improving convenience for rural folk and safeguarding food and product quality.  Read more

Anting town in Jiading district of Shanghai held a promotion activity for the health week and construction of the "International Health Community" on Nov 10.  Read more

The 2014 Shanghai Bamboo Culture Festival, which lasted 32 days, ended on October 19 in Guyi garden. A total of 144,000 tourists visited during the event, a 6% increase compared with the previous year.  Read more

The Jiading district of Shanghai opened the 2014 Shanghai Bamboo Culture Festival at Guyi Garden on Sept 18.  Read more

A Russian woodcut exhibition was held at the Lu Yanshao Art Gallery in Shanghai’s Jiading district from Sept 13.  Read more

The Jiading district of Shanghai held an opening ceremony for the Haishang Seal Society’s 100th Anniversary at the Han Tianheng Art Museum on Sept 10.  Read more



Great places to visit in Jiading

Great places to visit in Jiading

Two of Jiading's great sites, Jiading Museum and Hantianheng Art Museum, were chosen as part of the third batch of worth-visiting places in Shanghai.