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Jiading district's first Carrefour Club, which is located in The Mall in Nanxiang town, opened to the public recently, local media reported on Sep 4.  Read more

Shanghai's Jiading district continues to boost nighttime consumption, big purchases, and the first store economy since the "2022 Jiading shopping festival" was launched on July 29.  Read more

As Shanghai has now resumed production and work, major appliance stores have also launched big consumption promotions.  Read more

For many in the metropolis, the beverage has become a way of life.  Read more

The first batch of commercial complexes in Shanghai's Jiading district has resumed offline operations and implemented appointment-based entries, local media reported on May 30.  Read more

Cherries in Juyuan Orchard, Shanghai's Jiading district, are ripe and ready for the market.  Read more

About 4.67 hectares of citrus fruits in a fruit tree cooperative in Huating town, Shanghai's Jiading district recently began to ripen.

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Mega Incity


Mega Incity in Nanxiang town, Shanghai's Jiading district has been offering one-stop shopping services to local residents since it opened on Aug 25, 2020.

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Great places to visit in Jiading

Great places to visit in Jiading

Two of Jiading's great sites, Jiading Museum and Hantianheng Art Museum, were chosen as part of the third batch of worth-visiting places in Shanghai.